Small Scale Partnerships

Small-scale Partnerships are designed to widen access to the programme to small-scale actors and individuals who are hard to reach in the fields of school education, adult education, vocational education and training, youth and sport. With lower grant amounts awarded to organisations, shorter duration and simpler administrative requirements compared to the Cooperation Partnerships, this action aims at reaching out to grassroots organisations, less experienced organisations and newcomers to the Programme.

Objectives of Small-scale partnerships

  • Attract and widen access for newcomers, less experienced organisations and small-scale actors to the programme. These partnerships should act as a first step for organisations into cooperation at European level;
  • Support the inclusion of target groups with fewer opportunities;
  • Support active European citizenship and bring the European dimension to the local level.

The main objectives of Cooperation Partnerships also apply to Small-sсale Partnerships, proportionally to the scope and volume of each project.

Who can apply?

Any participating organisation established in an EU Member State or third country associated to the Programme can be the applicant. This organisation applies on behalf of all participating organisations involved in the project.

Depending on the priority and the objectives addressed by the project, Small-scale Partnerships should involve the most appropriate and diverse range of partners in order to benefit from their different experiences, profiles and specific expertise.

A Small-scale Partnership is transnational and involves minimum two organisations from two different EU Member States or third countries associated to the Programme.

Priorities addressed

To be considered for funding cooperation Partnerships must address:

  • at least one horizontal priority and/or
  • at least one specific priority relevant to the field of education, training, youth and sport that is mostly impacted.

Read more about the horizontal priorities and sector specific priorities.

What activities can take place?

Applicants must identify the project activities at application stage, including the start and end date, grant amount allocated for the activity and the duration in days.

All the project activities of a Small-scale Partnership must take place in the countries of the organisations participating in the project. In addition, if duly justified in relation to the objectives or implementation of the project, activities can also take place at the seat of an Institution of the European Union, even if in the project there are no participating organisations from the country that hosts the Institution.

Project Duration

Small scale partnerships should last between 6 and 24 months.

The duration has to be chosen at application stage, based on the objectives of the project and on the type of activities planned over time.

Funding rules

The proposed funding model consists of a menu of two possible lump sums, corresponding to the total grant amount for the project: 30 000 EUR or 60 000 EUR. Applicants will choose between the two pre-defined amounts according to the activities they want to undertake and the results they want to achieve.

Where to apply?

For Small-scale Partnerships in the fields of vocational education and training, school education, adult education and youth, submitted by any organisation in these fields, applications are to be submitted to the National Agency of the country in which the applicant organisation is established.

Centralised call

For Small-scale Partnerships in the field of sport, applications are to submitted to the European Education and Culture Executive Agency, based in Brussels.

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