How do I apply for EU Funds?

The Application Process

Each call for project proposals has its own criteria, requirements, and steps. Your chosen call will guide you through the application process.

After you have determined if you are eligible to fund your project by fulfilling the criteria indicated in the specific call, you may be requested to register in a specific data base. The applicable call guidelines will specify whether this is required and how this should be carried out. You may also opt to find a project partner.

The preparation and submission of your proposal will take a while, so make sure you begin discussing and preparing your application well in advance. All the documents and templates you will need to use will be listed in the guidelines for your chosen call – be sure to follow them closely. If you do not adhere to these guidelines, this may result in your application being deemed ineligible.

In order to benefit from EU Funds, one needs to follow certain rules and procedures. This is inevitable – we need to make sure that every euro is spent in a transparent and correct manner, to the benefit of European Union citizens. However, the European Union is also constantly working to simplify and modernise its budgetary rules to ensure that people and businesses alike can access EU Funds to finance their ideas in the best way possible.

For your application to be considered, it needs to be complete, concise, and submitted on time through the appropriate submission system.

EU funded programmes are implemented in one of three ways: direct management, shared management, or indirect management. The application process differs depending on the mode and the programme you are applying for. At its core, it is important to identify the body/authority launching the respective call for project proposals. Such calls will be publicised widely in the media and in the What funding is available? section of this website. When a call is launched, application packs and guidance notes are published, and information sessions are organised for interested applicants. Applicants are also given an indication of the expected duration of the project selection process. To apply for EU Funds, eligible applicants must submit an application form strictly within the deadline set by the call.

Submitted project proposals are evaluated and ranked in accordance with standardised procedures, as well as eligibility and selection criteria which are issued together with every call for project proposals.

For further information on open calls for project applications, you can either send us a query through the Contact Us section or visit the What funding is available? section of this website directly.

Eligibility Rules

The Eligibility Rules are comprehensive documents drawn up by Member State authorities outlining what costs are eligible under each Programme and call for project applications. It is recommended that these documents are perused in detail prior to submitting a project proposal. A full copy can be found under the Resources section of this website. 

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