Swiss-Maltese Cooperation Programme

Swiss Contribution

Through the Swiss Contribution funding programme, Switzerland is participating in the reduction of economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union.  Malta is a Swiss Fund beneficiary, together with the other member states which joined the EU on 1 May 2004.

The allocation committed by Switzerland for Malta is CHF 4.994 million.  An individual project approach shall be applied in which stand-alone projects shall be implemented.  In terms of the Bilateral Framework Agreement, the Swiss contribution may not exceed 60% of the total eligible costs of a project, except in the case of projects receiving additional financing in the form of budget allocations from national or local authorities, in which case the Swiss contribution may not exceed 85% of the total eligible costs.

Background to the Swiss Contribution

The Council of the European Union authorised the European Commission in April 2003 to negotiate with Switzerland on a financial contribution to reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU.  Negotiations on the technical details of this contribution led to a Memorandum of Understanding setting out the framework for the allocation of the Swiss contribution and the sectors to be prioritised.  This Memorandum of Understanding between Switzerland and the EU was signed on 26 September 2006.  Immediately after, Malta took up contact with the Swiss authorities to initiate discussions on the Bilateral Framework Agreement between Malta and Switzerland.

Following meetings held on 5 February 2007 and on 23 July 2007 in Malta between the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division, agreement was reached on a Bilateral Framework concerning the implementation of the Swiss-Maltese Cooperation Programme. The Bilateral Framework Agreement concerning the Swiss Contribution was signed in December 2007, enabling implementation to commence.  The commitment period of 5 years expired on 14 June 2012 but the disbursement period ran until 14 June 2017.

Malta is using the Swiss Contribution to implement project/s in the ‘Health’ and ‘Research and Development’ focus areas.  Switzerland is also contributing CHF50,000 in Technical Assistance, which is being used to assist in the implementation of the projects.

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