Towards a Net Zero Impact Water Utility – ensuring Integrated Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management
Water Resource Management
Water Resource Management
Water Resource Management
Water Resource Management
Project Summary:

The project addresses the main challenges related to producing and treating drinking water, distributing it, collecting and treating sewage, and polishing the treated effluent for reuse. The project focuses on upgrading of the active groundwater; investing in the primary water network through trenching and pipelaying; constructing an underground tunnel that allows water to flow by gravity to reduce pumping costs; upgrading the desalination plants and investing in energy efficient equipment; investing in a new Reverse Omosis plant in Gozo; investing in a comprehensive distribution network; and upgrading, expanding and monitoring of the wastewater collection network.


Project cost: €89,500,000
Beneficiary: Water Services Corporation
Ministry: Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise
Start Date: 2016
End Date: 2023
Operational Programme: Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges
Fund: Cohesion Fund
Focus area of intervention: Provision of water for human consumption (extraction, treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure);Water management and drinking water conservation (including river basin management, water supply, specific climate change; Adaptation measures, district and consumer metering, charging systems and leak reduction); Waste Water Treatment

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