I73.5 On-Farm Productive Investments (Simplified Scheme) [Closed]

The Ministry responsible for EU Funds launches the call for applications under the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan 2023-2027, Specific Objective 2: Enhance market orientation and increase competitiveness, including greater focus on research, technology and digitalisation.

The On-Farm Productive Investments (Simplified Scheme) Intervention tied to on-farm productive investments aims to fund investment in agricultural holdings including, inter alia, best available techniques to address production, environmental and health issues including precision farming, and modern pesticide management investments.

Support under the On-Farm Productive Investments (Simplified Scheme) Intervention is open to farmers, whether natural or legal persons, who are registered as farmers on the Department of Agriculture database (IACS), Group of Farmers (including inter alia partnerships, cooperatives); and that carry out minimum agricultural activity as defined in the guidelines. All applicants, being individuals, partnerships, or legal entities need to be registered on the IACS database and for investments concerning horticulture have the land being submitted as part of the application registered on their name with the same database.

Applicants are invited to submit complete application forms including supporting documents through https://iacs.gov.mt.abacogroup.eu/customerportal/login by not later than Wednesday 19th June 2024, at noon. 

The guidance notes can be found below:

Wednesday 10th April 2024 – 16:00 at Mgarr Farmers Cooperative Society

Tuesday 23rd April 2024 – 16:00 at The Oaks Business Centre Block B, Farsons Street, Hamrun (Managing Authority Office)

Wednesday 24th April 2024 – 14:00 at Xewkija Front Office Gozo

Thursday 25th April 2020 – 16:00 at Notre Dame Hall, Zabbar


Documents used throughout the info session can be found here:

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