SME Digitalisation Grant Scheme [Closed]

Scheme Objective

This incentive seeks to assist SMEs through non-repayable Grants to part-finance investment to digitalise their operations, and hence improve their resilience, efficiency, productivity and customer experience by addressing new digital capabilities and digitalised processes such as product and process design and engineering, end-to-end procurement, supply chain/distribution and after sales.

Eligible Organisations



This scheme is funded through the Recovery and Resilience Plan and this particular scheme will part-finance up to 50% of the cost for investments in Malta and 60% of the cost for investments in Gozo (up to a maximum grant of €50,000 per undertaking).

NEXT CUT-OFF DATE: December 29, 2023 – Noon


February 13, 2023 February 28, 2023 MARCH 30, 2023 APRIL 14, 2023 APRIL 28, 2023
MAY 15, 2023 MAY 31, 2023 JUNE 16, 2023 JUNE 30, 2023 JULY 14, 2023
JULY 31, 2023 AUGUST 16, 2023 AUGUST 31, 2023 SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 SEPTEMBER 29, 2023
OCTOBER 16, 2023 OCTOBER 31, 2023 NOVEMBER 17, 2023 NOVEMBER 30, 2023 DECEMBER 15, 2023
DECEMBER 29, 2023

Documents related to Digitalisation can be found below:

The link to submit an application may be found here.

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