School Education

Funding opportunities for School Education are targeted at schools and other organisations that are active in the field of school education. It focuses on the organisation of projects to enhance the educational upbringing of school pupils and the professional development of staff in formal education.

School Education shall be defined as any form of formal and non-formal education from pre-school, pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary to post-secondary provided to students up to MQF Level 4.

Educators and pupils in state, church or independent schools or any other relevant institutions recognised by the Ministry for Education can participate in this key action.

View the full list of educational institutions eligible to apply for Erasmus+ project 2021 – 2027

Discover how schools can benefit from Erasmus+ funding in the educational experience of their pupils and the professional development of their staff or apply for partnerships for cooperation and work with organisations across Europe to develop ideas, network and produce tangible results like courses or tools.

Mobility Projects for pupils and staff
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Partnerships for Cooperation
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European Language Label

The European Commission coordinates the European Language Label Award, although it is crucial to remember that the European Language Label is not confined to European languages; teaching or study of any language can be considered.

The ELL recognises and awards innovative activities in language teaching, learning, and promotion, and draws these projects to the attention of the general public as well as language experts. The ELL is applicable to all areas of education and training.

The next call for ELL will be in 2023. More information will be published soon.

European Innovative Teaching Award

The European Innovative Teaching Award was conceived as an endeavour to value the passion and care of teachers and students in the European education systems.

In the ever-changing world of education, the European Innovative Teaching Award strives to recognise teachers’ efforts in creating tomorrow’s Europeans via the use of innovative, interactive, and inclusive teaching and learning approaches. The European Innovative Teaching Award also recognises the Erasmus+ program’s contribution to the European Education Area, as well as the relevance of school collaboration and networking across Europe.

Click HERE to view the full specifications highlighting the description and scope, the eligibility and selection criteria, the selection process and EITA’s thematic priority for the year and the award criteria.

Explore Training & Cooperation Activities (TCAs) taking place around Europe planned by National Agencies (NAs) to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practice within Erasmus+. They include a number of activities including Contact Seminars to find project partners and Thematic seminars addressing specific topics in education, training and youth work. Discover how the European School Education Platform (ESEP) serve as a focal point for all stakeholders in the school education sector, including teachers, researchers, policymakers, and other professionals from early childhood education and care to primary and secondary school, as well as initial vocational education and training. eTwinning, a European school community, is also housed on the platform. Review Resources available that will support you in exploring funding opportunities, including the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and other useful documents.

Training Opportunities
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