Retrofit seeks to support investments to address high upfront costs of building renovations in the private sector, namely commercial buildings. Actions that reduce the primary energy demand of the building by reducing the energy used for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and lighting are eligible. This includes actions involving systems for the above energy use as well as interventions on the building envelope that reduce the energy demand required by the above.



Documents related to this scheme can be found below:

Retrofit is funded through the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the objective of this scheme is to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy demand, lower carbon emissions and limit energy waste through the retrofitting of private sector buildings. The building renovations undertaken are to lead to a reduction of Primary Energy Demand (PED) of at least 30%.

The amount of aid, established in line with the applicable State aid intensities, shall be paid through a Standard Scale of Unit Cost per square metre and depends on the size, locality and reduction in percentage PED (as outlined in the Guidance Notes). The maximum Grant amount that an Undertaking may receive is €5M.

Call 1 Retrofit is being issued on Wednesday, 1st May 2024 and shall be administered through an open rolling call with periodical cut-off dates.

  • Enterprises; and
  • Voluntary Organisations [which are registered and compliant with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and the Malta Business Register (MBR)]

Documents related to this scheme can be found below:

NEXT CUT-OFF DATE: June 28, 2024, noon.


JUNE 28, 2024 JULY 31, 2024  AUGUST 30, 2024 SEPTEMBER 30, 2024 OCTOBER 31, 2024
NOVEMBER 29, 2024 DECEMBER 31, 2024


The link to submit an application may be found here.

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